Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget


Renovation doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg in Atlanta; here are some cost-effective and quick ways to revitalize your investment property or own residence.

Painting is one of the quickest and least costly home improvements available to you. Painting can transform an area and add color to your house quickly and affordably.


Adding a fresh coat of paint can be one of the easiest, and most cost-effective, home improvement projects. From trendy interior colors to earthy tones, painting your space can instantly give it a brand new feel!

If your kitchen is in good condition, new countertops can be an economical way to update its aesthetic. If the cost is an issue for you, inquire with local granite and tile companies if they offer seconds or remnants that are available at discounted rates.

If your space is cramped, consider removing one or more walls to open up the area – just be sure that none are load bearing structures!


Wallpaper can add texture and design to walls in ways paint cannot. It also makes a statement in small spaces like powder rooms or bedroom nooks.

Wallpaper can also be used to accent other areas of your home, such as a back wall behind shelves or an old window. Wallpaper may even outlive paint and save money over time.


Renovation ideas don’t have to be costly; often times you can find cheaper methods of upgrading your house that will increase its value and give it an updated aesthetic.

If you don’t feel ready to completely redecorate, try painting them a new hue! Use trendy interior paint colors to create an appealing aesthetic and help define a specific atmosphere in the room.

Add rustic charm to walls by decorating with shiplap, wooden planks painted in rustic hues, wainscoting, board and batten or beadboard panels.

Sliding Barn Door

Barn doors add drama and make a dramatic statement while remaining simple to install. Available in many styles to complement any decor, from solid panels that keep rooms private to options with glass panes for natural light flow while maintaining transparency, barn doors are sure to bring the wow factor to any space they grace.

Sliding barn door hardware is easy to install and customizable to blend in seamlessly with the surrounding decor, making them an excellent choice for rooms that need to be divided or concealed such as the pantry, laundry room or bedroom.

Window Boxes

Window boxes adorned with flowers and plants can add curb appeal to any home, as they’re an affordable DIY project that add color and complete the exterior design of any exterior space.

Chelsea of lifestyle blog Two Twenty-One and her husband designed and crafted this wooden box as part of farmhouse-style board and batten shutters. She used a rot-resistant material, so that its wood could withstand water, rain and the weight from plants without warping or deformity.

Select from various lengths and custom sizes to find the ideal planters for your space, with some even offering self-watering ports for added convenience.

Under Stairs Storage

Installing shelves under a staircase is an efficient and economical way to utilize space efficiently and add storage solutions that add beauty and function. By creating reading nooks, book storage solutions, laundry areas, pet areas, play rooms for kids or home offices as well as powder rooms you can turn shelves under staircases into valuable assets for any home.

Make the space feel larger with simple changes such as these bespoke cupboard doors which add depth and dimension to this open-plan kitchen design. They’re also great for displaying art or other decorative objects.

Upgraded Lighting

Modern home design places great importance on lighting, so replacing outdated light fixtures will instantly give your house a fresh and contemporary feel. Smart bulbs offer another cost-effective solution to help make your home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Crown molding installation is an inexpensive and straightforward DIY project that can transform the look of any room. Painting basic outlet covers, light switches and door knobs with fashionable designs is another quick way to upgrade decor quickly and affordably.

Custom Furniture

Custom furniture can make any room feel fresh and unique, providing an ideal home improvement solution on a tight budget. By customizing it with personal touches that stand out, custom pieces add something truly distinctive that stands out in any house.

Crown molding can be an inexpensive way to bring any space in your home to life, providing an instant face lift with its customizable colors and designs to complement your decor.

Upgraded lighting can give your home an updated aesthetic and can even reduce energy usage thanks to LED bulbs.

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