Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor – Questions to Ask


Selecting an ideal roofing contractor is key to ensuring a proper installation of your roof. Make sure to ask pertinent questions to determine if they’re a good match for you and your project.

Ideal, request references from homeowners who had work completed within six to twelve months and inquire about any problems encountered by your chosen service providers. Be sure to inquire as well about how any disputes were handled.

1. How long have you been in business?

Roofing contractors possess years of experience helping homeowners restore their roofs to prevent further damage and leaks, working with various materials and providing guidance as to which type might best suit each home.

Reputable contractors provide references from past clients and information about their warranty policy, in addition to having experience writing contracts that adhere to New York state laws.

Based on your location, different roofing contractors may require different licenses. New York City requires that contractors hold a home improvement license. Other areas, like Oneida County and Utica do not mandate licenses for roofing contractors – making it essential for homeowners to know what qualities make an ideal roofer before selecting one for hire.

2. What is your warranty policy?

Most roofing contractors offer warranties, so it is essential that you understand exactly what their coverage entails. Ask about length, scope and filing a claim process should something go wrong with the roof.

Quality contractors stand behind their work with warranties on workmanship; if the one you hire doesn’t, consider seeking out another service provider.

When possible, hire a local roofing contractor. They will have better knowledge of the local building codes and regulations as well as stronger ties with the community they operate within – meaning faster responses when questions or issues arise and providing updates on project statuses.

3. What is your warranty on the materials?

Once you’ve selected several contractors, request a detailed quote on the work they will be performing. A written contract should outline payment schedules, scope of works, materials list and installation procedures along with clean-up methods and timelines for your review.

Quality contractors stand behind both their products and workmanship, which can save time and money in the long run. Hiring such an expert ensures you will avoid paying for an incorrect job that costs more money in the end.

No matter if you are replacing an asphalt roof or cedar roofing system, it is crucial that you ask the appropriate questions at every stage. By doing this, you can ensure the project goes smoothly from beginning to end.

4. Can you give me a list of references?

No matter whether you are a homeowner or agent, getting referrals from trusted friends and family is always important when hiring professionals. Asking contractors for their references is also an excellent way to confirm if you are working with qualified and experienced professionals.

Ask about previous projects completed by your chosen roofing company to gain an understanding of their experience and how they might approach your own. This will give you a good sense of their capabilities for handling your own project.

Check their licenses and insurance. It is imperative that any roofing contractor possessing licenses and insurance. Certain materials require special training or warranty coverage by certified roofers. A reliable roofing contractor will always have current workers’ comp and liability policies.

5. What is your warranty on the work?

When hiring a roofing contractor to work on your roof, you want to be certain they will stand behind their work and guarantee it. Therefore, it is crucial that you ask about their warranty policy – one with a strong workmanship warranty covering repairs should anything arise during installation or later repair costs is ideal.

Quality roofing contractors utilize premium materials and will install your new roof properly to ensure it will stand the test of time. They’ll also provide a detailed quote with itemized costs breakdown.

Care should be taken when searching for a trustworthy roofing contractor. Avoid being pressured into hiring one who tries to rush you or use high-pressure tactics.

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