Outdoor Living Ideas for Small Spaces


If you’re in the process of creating an outdoor living area for your home, there are a few things you should keep in mind. One of these is to orient your area so that the sun can rise and fall naturally. In addition, you should plant plants that reflect your home’s style.

Layers make outdoor space feel bigger

One way to make your outdoor space feel larger is to use layered designs. By putting shorter plants on the front and longer, darker ones on the back, you’ll make your backyard feel more spacious. The same effect can be achieved by dividing your backyard into defined zones. Using a mix-and-match approach can also help, as it maximizes a small patio area. Decorative items such as plants, mirrors, and even string lights can give your backyard an extra layer.

Another way to make your outdoor space look bigger is to add curved boundaries. You can do this with a low wall, outdoor curtains, or pergolas. For instance, you might want to sit on a couch in the middle of a curved section of your patio, and then surround it with a smaller table and two chairs at each side. This creates a sense of openness, and will keep your eye moving around the room.

In addition to dividing your space, you can also make it feel bigger by adding a colorful garden. Plants of varying heights and colors will draw your eye upward, and allow you to enjoy the view.

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