Creating a Functional and Stylish Entryway


An inviting entryway sets the scene for your home, from photos hung on walls to decorative catchalls for keys and totes to candles that add personality.

Add stylish baskets or console tables with drop-off spaces so you can easily put away your bags, while hooks provide your family a convenient place for dropping items before entering.


No matter if it’s the main entryway or just a corridor, wallpaper is an effective way to give any space a polished and put-together feel. Select an easy maintenance pattern without restricting color options; or go bolder by going for something with more vibrant patterns.

Geometric wallpapers make an eye-catching statement in hallways, especially their sharp angular shapes that stand out against curvilinear staircases. Their visual lengthening effects help visually expand a small area, and darker hues often work well for lower ceilings.

Add more personalization by framing family photographs or your kids’ artwork in the hallway, and put personal items like family photographs or children’s artwork. Doing this allows you to put aesthetics over function and create a bespoke design that instantly makes your home more welcoming. Alternatively, try opting for mismatched gallery wall arrangement like designer Kathleen Walsh did in her pre-war Pied-a-Terre foyer, where iridescent paint defines this jewel-box space perfectly.

Shoe Cabinet

A shoe cabinet is an effective solution to keeping shoes out of sight and in their proper places. Freestanding or built-in models can be customized to match your hallway and decor; with modern options featuring sleek materials like glass while rustic wooden models may also be available.

Consider installing hooks beneath shelves to hang bags, scarves and other items – this will help declutter and streamline the space while encouraging all family members to maintain an inviting entryway space.

Shoe bins or baskets provide an easy, quick, and attractive solution to store footwear quickly and conveniently. These containers can be stacked to create an aesthetically pleasing display or placed at various heights to accommodate different shoe sizes. Be sure to choose models with ventilated doors that conceal shoes without blocking ventilation – this helps prevent the accumulation of unpleasant worn-shoe odors.

Storage Tray

No matter the size or layout of your entryway, there are numerous options for finding an essential piece that balances space, storage and style. From console tables and wall-mount organizers to simple shelves – choosing the ideal surface will have a dramatic impact on how it looks and functions in your space.

An entryway tray can serve as the ideal place to organize keys, hats, scarves and loose change. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent spot for keeping small clothing care kits such as stain remover, lint roller and fabric shaver organized and readily available for use when necessary.

One key consideration when selecting an entranceway tray should be finding one in an ideal size – too small and items will overflow, defeating its purpose of decorative accent. Make sure that there’s also space for seating such as a stool or bench so everyone in your family has somewhere comfortable to rest their weary legs as you enter the home.


Families that frequently entertain guests or have young children may benefit from adding a mudroom to their entryway. This designated area allows family members to remove outerwear prior to entering, helping reduce tracking of dirt through living spaces.

Mudrooms can also make life much simpler by including plenty of storage solutions – from cabinets with doors or open shelving – for backpacks, shoes and hats. Having this space makes life much simpler!

Do-it-yourself techniques can be an excellent way for those on a tight budget to reduce mudroom costs. A table and some bins can serve the same function as high-end cabinets or built-in shelving solutions; using recycled materials like wooden pallets or crates will add character while saving money. Investing in tall built-in cabinets to maximize storage space in your entryway if your mudroom is located directly adjacent to a door leading outside is also recommended – particularly important if children frequent your mudroom regularly!

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