Home Decor Trends


Home decor trends can add new life to your bedroom, living room and kitchen without needing for full renovation. From dramatic hues to more natural designs – home design trends are here to stay!

From curved furniture to the Danish trend of hygge, these decorating trends will help your home feel fresh and inviting.


Ombre is one of the hottest color trends right now, appearing everywhere from fashion, hair and nails, baking to home decor. Ombre features colors that fade into each other for an eye-catching effect without making a room look too dark.

Ombre style adds depth to both monochromatic and bright room designs, and is simple to implement in different ways – painting your walls with gradient effects or creating focal points with ombre furniture are two examples of its application.

Another creative option for decorating furniture is dip-dyeing it, which looks particularly stunning with natural materials such as wood and wicker, as well as fabrics like velvet or linen – only your imagination limits you!


Minimalism embraces clean lines and an uncluttered home environment. This trend combines contemporary design with raw materials and natural hues to achieve an intentional lifestyle through minimalism.

Neutral Colors A minimalist palette often consists of neutral tones like whites, creams and pastels. Warm minimalism has also seen a revival with deeper tones like navy blue and clay being introduced into warmer minimalism trends. To pull this off successfully it is key to balance darker tones with lighter accessories or vice versa.

Furniture Shapes mes Minimalism pairs beautifully with furniture pieces with sleek and organic shapes that exude minimalism – for example a floor lamp without side table that highlights its straight silhouette is a prime example. Add texture with faux fur throws, wood paneling or even recycled materials like concrete!


Homeowners are seeking to add texture to their interior designs and decor schemes by including handmade pieces like baskets or woven furniture in their decor schemes. This trend gives rooms an artistic, handmade aesthetic.

At Maison et Objet 2019, there was a revival of 1970s style evident with sleek designs from Lee Broom (Musico table) and Pierre Frey (Brutalist Vesper lights). Although this trend may not appeal to everyone, it provides a welcome change from minimalism that had dominated home decor trends for some time prior.

Textured fabrics have become an increasingly popular trend as homeowners look for comfort and warmth in their home environments. By including pieces with textural fabric such as crushed velvet pillows, tweed or boucle rugs and soft faux furs into your design scheme without making it overcrowded, textured fabric pieces such as crushed velvet pillows can add character without overcrowdeding it with too many decorations or pieces that create too much visual clutter.


Sculptural home decor pieces add interest and drama without overwhelming a room, providing a subtle counterpoint to bold color schemes or busy patterns.

Wood can be used as an appealing material for creating a striking sculptural look in an open and airy entrance hall, large indoor/outdoor space or other indoor/outdoor area.

Create unique lighting with sculptural pieces. For example, make a charming mason jar chandelier using this technique; floor lamps also utilize this idea.

Sculptural furniture draws upon abstract shapes and nontraditional references for its designs. As these pieces tend to be one-of-a-kind pieces that express your personal taste, sculptural pieces make an eye-catching statement while being one-of-a-kind – perfect if you’re searching for furniture that truly embodies you!


Silver home decor adds an air of elegance to any living room, complementing various color schemes and creating a modern design scheme. Silver can be used in various forms: candle holders and vases can serve as accents; larger pieces such as mirrors and coffee tables could even feature this precious material!

Silver can also be combined with other metals to achieve a modern look, such as copper and gold home accessories, to produce an eye-catching design statement. Pair these metallic accents with silver to achieve an elegant and balanced design; just remember not to go overboard; too much metallic accent can quickly become garish and take away from other pieces of furniture or artwork in the room – instead use it sparingly as an accent piece and highlight other pieces for maximum style and longevity!

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