Choosing the Best Roofing Tiles


Choosing the right roof tile goes beyond looks; it can also impact your home’s energy efficiency. A professional roofer will be able to guide you in your choice.
Some tiles are heavier than others and may require additional structural support if your house was not designed for them. Similarly, certain materials are more expensive than others.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have a reputation for being highly durable. They have been used for centuries through high winds, heavy snowfall, and rain that would cause other materials to crumble. In addition, eco-friendly building materials such as straw bales regulate temperature in a way that reduces the need to run air conditioners, thus saving energy costs. These tiles can also resist fire.

However, they are fragile and must be walked upon gently to avoid damage. Clay is also prone to mildew growth and requires regular cleaning to maintain its appearance. Finally, this type of tile is heavier than most — a factor which necessitates specialized fastening and underlayment techniques.

Natural Slates

Although slate roof tiles can provide long-lasting weather resistance, they tend to be on the pricier side. Ensure that you understand all of your options when it comes to color and thickness before installation; there are many varieties due to foliation caused by strong compression! Penrhyn slate from Wales is the highest quality available and features an attractive soft blue/purple hue which can last over 100 years. This material can be obtained from specialist roof suppliers or architectural reclamation firms.

Interlocking Tiles

Most people probably think of clay when they hear “tile roof.” And while this style is strong and durable (not to mention available in numerous colors), there are plenty other choices out there too!

A variety of interlocking designs with clean lines exist on the market today so take advantage of them by finding a look that suits your aesthetic. Wood shake roof tiles offer traditional shingles with more modern construction while being completely natural. For those who are concerned about the environment but still want the aesthetic, there’s simulated wood shake tiles.

If you love slate but it is too expensive or impractical for your home, Brava offers composite slate tiles that imitate hand split cedar. They have excellent acoustic absorption capabilities and are designed to handle heavy foot traffic.

Double Roman Tiles

Double Roman roof tiles are what you’d call a good combo. They look nice, they’re tough, and they come in a wide range of styles so you can find the one that speaks to your soul – or at least looks like it belongs on your house. Being able to last for years is another reason why this type of tile is so popular.

These tiles are also super durable. The way they fit together makes them really hard to damage – even when heavy storms are trying their best to ruin everything. Other materials might crack under pressure but these tiles have got what it takes to stay strong.

That being said, their durability wears thin when there’s too much weight on them. Whether it’s someone walking across the roof or debris falling onto it, the rigid structure of these tiles means that any pressure is going to go straight through them and cause lots of cracks and breaks along the way.

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