Artistic Tiles and Patterns – Unconventional Ways to Elevate Your Space


Add an artisan touch to your space with tile patterns that add style and luxury. Floral designs give a room an old world aesthetic while textural options add depth and interest to the design of any room.

Wood look tile has become an increasingly popular design element, adding warmth and character to Muskoka cottage retreats or Prince Edward Island beach houses.

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Tile can be both functional and decorative, offering numerous options for flooring and wall surfaces. When properly laid out, tiles can add texture, contrast, composition and scale to a room, create optical illusions, make small rooms seem larger, create optical illusions or trick the eye – these all help make for an enhanced experience in a smaller space. Creating interesting trim, fireplace surround or backsplash features with tiles can elevate the overall experience in an otherwise dull room as well as add personal flair that reflects who you are as an individual and express their personal style through these artistic accents!

Artistic Tiles

Show-stopping artistic tiles come in all styles from modern to romantic and can easily fit into a space seamlessly as architectural features. Manufacturers such as Michael Aram and Bisazza have collaborated with design houses to produce exclusive collections such as bold geometric patterns in black or white from Michael Aram or beautiful Bianco or Nero stone textures from Alison Rose collection; Ravenna Tile utilizes centuries-old handmade mosaic techniques to craft standout tile designs like their handcrafted florals or dramatic swirling pattern, making an artistic statement in any bathroom space.

An additional option for adding artful tiles into any space is an oil painting or photo incorporated into a tile design. These unique pieces can be used as focal points or placed strategically for wall collage. Some even allow custom coloring so you can have something truly one-of-a-kind created especially for your space!

Decorative Tiles In addition to being hardwearing and versatile, decorative tiles offer plenty of creative opportunities. Available in an array of colors, finishes, shapes, sizes and price points – decorative tiles offer endless creative potential when used creatively in rooms of all kinds – decorative tiles can add visual interest by being laid in various patterns for visual interest or making rooms seem larger or smaller; you just have to use patterns strategically; for instance a herringbone layout can visually lengthen a room while chevron or diamond patterns add intriguing textures that draw eyes – use patterns strategically – herringbone layout can lengthening an otherwise simple room can visually expand it while adding texture can bring visual interest as well.

This kitchen features Kingfisher glass tiles arranged in an open layout to let natural light flood through and add warmth. Their herringbone pattern draws the eye diagonally around the room creating the impression of space and making the room seem larger; hexagonal mosaics add decorative accents for depth in this layout. Your tile choices and patterns can be as subtle or eye-catching as desired for optimal design results – be sure to dry-lay before committing permanently!

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