Recycling for Profit: Ways to Turn Your Trash Into Cash


Recycling has many benefits, including reducing natural resources, increasing the economy, and saving energy. However, it can sometimes be difficult to see a personal benefit. In this article we will provide you ways to turn trash into cash.


Aluminum recycling is one the most common forms of recycling. It’s both one of the easiest and most valuable materials to recycle. One aluminum can can be recycled, which is enough energy to power an entire iPad. Recycling aluminum earns Americans $800 million each year. This is only 67 percent of aluminum cans. Another $1 billion goes to waste. Recycling aluminum is the best way to make money.

The national average aluminum payout rate is between 70 and 80 cents per pound. However, recycling aluminum cans can be as low as 10 cents in certain states like Michigan and California. If you have a lot to recycle and live in a state that has a higher recycling rate, it might be worthwhile to go back with your cans every so often. It is illegal to return cans to the same state that you purchased them in, so make sure to verify your local laws!


Another source of income is recycled cardboard. Most people use cardboard boxes when they move or help others move. And those online order boxes can quickly add up. The U.S. collects about half of all recyclables, which amounts to 43 million tonnes a year. Eighty-nine percent of corrugated cartons are recycled. You may not be aware that you can get paid for your cardboard. BoxCycle allows you to list your cardboard boxes online. It will locate buyers who are willing to pick them up and reimburse you. BoxCycle holds the money and you can then release it through PayPal.

To be able to fit into recycling machines, cardboard boxes should be dismantled.

Junk Mail

You can also turn cardboard into cash by using other paper products. You can also generate extra revenue by using junk mail. An average American receives 30 pounds worth of junk mail each year. What may seem like junk to you might be valuable to market researchers who study direct mail advertising. The Small Business Knowledge Center will reimburse you for sending them junk mail and emails offering products and services, such as clothing, insurance, and telecommunications. You can redeem points for a Visa debit credit card by placing qualified mail in the provided postage-paid envelopes. Bonus points are available to business owners and self-employed people who participate.

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