Creative Storage Solutions For Small Bedrooms


With clever DIY storage ideas, even the smallest bedrooms can become functional and inviting spaces. From maximizing wall space to adding hidden compartments, these bedroom storage hacks are sure to help you keep things organized without sacrificing aesthetics.

If you have high ceilings, creating a mezzanine or installing a light staircase will save you some useful meters. The idea is to double the amount of storage space without losing any floor area.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Clothing littering your floors and out-of-control laundry mountains aren’t conducive to a restful night’s sleep. To tame the clutter, consider these creative storage ideas for small bedrooms.

Make the most of a wall without building in additional furniture with a simple DIY shelf. Stack vintage crates on top of each other for a streamlined look that’s perfect for shoes and accessories.

Instead of a traditional coat rack, wall-mount a set of hooks like these BJARNUM folding hooks from IKEA for a stylish way to keep your clothes and purses organized in your bedroom.

Floating Cabinets

Floating cabinets are a bedroom storage idea that uses vertical space to create a sleek, stylish look. Use them for books, clothing and more.

You can also repurpose old kitchen crates as bedroom storage solutions, stacking them to make your own rolling library. They’re a great choice for items that you don’t want to keep out on display, such as extra linens and blankets.

You can even wall-mount a coat rack for your bedroom, making it more space-efficient than using a chair to pile your clothes on every morning.


A simple picture ledge mounted to the wall becomes a nearly invisible nightstand that can hold eyeglasses, a clip-on lamp and other small items. It’s easy to DIY, too!

Turn a clothing closet into a design feature by lining the doors with pretty fabric. It’s a great way to hide clothing and make picking accessories for a look easier.

Install hooks on the back of your bedroom door to keep sunhats and caps handy, just like in this cozy bedroom from Kate Reid. This bedroom storage idea is also smart for storing raincoats and other outerwear.


A storage drawer is a piece of furniture with one or more sections to hold items, like clothing and other linens. It can also be used to store small objects such as jewelry and keys.

While feng shui experts warn against storing anything under the bed, this space-saving storage solution can be valuable in a small bedroom. Stackable storage drawers, such as these from TRONES, are easy to slide under the bed and can be stacked for more storage.

Shoe Racks

Clothes littering the floor and out-of-control accessory mountains don’t exactly scream “restful retreat.” Keep clothes, shoes, accessories and more organized with these clever storage solutions for small bedrooms.

Shoe racks can easily be installed in the back of closet doors, or on a wall right by your front door. Either way, they’ll make it easier to put on your shoes without having to deal with messy shoe piles.

The secret to a beautiful-looking shoe organizer is using strong elastic straps that will defy gravity and keep your shoes securely held up against the wall. You can even DIY a stylish shoe organizer, like this rustic jewelry organizer by Most Lovely Things.

Wall Hooks

When a bedroom is small, every little bit of storage helps. So consider trading in traditional bedroom furniture for options with added storage.

For example, this mirrored headboard also doubles as a jewelry box and closet shelf. Use wall nooks to display treasured vases and art or add hooks for outfit planning, as seen in this bedroom by antiques dealer Lee Stanton.

Hang a shoe peg board in your closet for shoes, hats, and scarves that don’t fit on your clothes rack. It’s a simple DIY project that saves floor space and makes the room feel bigger.

Storage Ottoman

Using storage underneath furniture is one of the easiest ways to keep clutter at bay. Tuck away out-of-season items, stacks of books, or even an extra mattress.

Ottomans are an essential small bedroom storage idea for those who lack closet space. Available in a range of fabrics, including petfriendly teal chenille and clay-toned velvet, this luxe piece is customizable to your aesthetic.

This woven seagrass storage ottoman is perfect for those who love bohemian flair. It’s also compact and affordable–making it a great choice for smaller rooms on a budget.

Wicker Baskets

If you have old wicker baskets toiling in the kitchen or garage, these can make smart DIY bedroom storage ideas. They’re a convenient way to keep blankets or extra linen out of sight, maintaining the clean look of your room.

A simple wall-mounted basket can hold spare sheets, book ends, and small knick knacks. A decorative version like the one by Liz Marie can also double as wall decor and a statement piece for your bedroom. Similarly, a storage ottoman can fit stray clutter and serve as a seat.

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